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Professional pest inspections and fire safety solutions in Sydney

Protecting your property from harm is the number one priority for most people. Your home is the place where you go to feel safe, and when that is compromised it can affect your whole life.

Here at Promaster Group, we aim to control two aspects of your property’s security, guarding you against pests and fire. Both are extremely damaging in different ways. Pests can gnaw away and cause destruction to your property, in addition to spreading disease, while fire, on the other hand, can lead to complete devastation, injury, and loss of life.

Our mission is to prevent these problems happening to you, your family, and your home.

Our businesses

We founded the Promaster Group in 2006 from our existing businesses: 

  • Promaster Protection which was established in 1983
  • Promaster Pest Control, founded over 35 years ago

We now employ over 140 staff and are leaders in both pest control and fire safety across Sydney, the Central Coast, and Newcastle.

Dedicated to great customer service

Our success stems from our many years of experience in the business, and we believe that our strength comes from our dedication to customer service. We respond to all requests promptly, and our professional team communicates effectively with our clients throughout the duration of our services. 

Call us today on 02 4323 9111 for more information on our pest inspections and fire safety services.